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01-09-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Reign Nateo View Post
You're completley missing the point. I don't care about his stats, I'm talking skill-set. He's either on a scoring line, or he's not in the NHL. Does not have the skill-set of a 3rd liner on a Vigneault team. I'm not saying he should be on a scoring line, I'm saying it's that or bust with Frattin. Similar to literally 100s of players before him...
im missing the point? no im not

if he was in the package, that would make him a 3rd liner. lol im just referring to the trade and what would happen if he was traded here. thats why i called him third liner. they wouldn't be trading for him to be on the 2nd, that would be ridiculous and never happen.

and it wouldn't be bust or they wouldn't be trading for him.

so theres only one place he'd end up if they were INFACT trading for him.

and im confused, didn't somebody just earlier come in here and give a description of his play and say he has an all around game and has size and hits? isn't that the opposite of what youre claiming.

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