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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
the problem in your case may not have been the ritalin but you may have been misdiagnosed.

the use of stimulants/amphetimines("synthetic meth" would have been a more apt analogy than "synthetic cocaine") to treat a hyperactivity is so counter intuitive, and yet it works, which leads credence to the hypothesis that ADHD suffereers have neurochemical mechanisms that are different than non-sufferers.

the problem is, ill-behaved children are everywhere, and whereas in the past all you could do for it was parental discipline and supervision, now there is a pill, which takes the responsibility off the parents.... thus parents actually push their unruly kids towards a diagnosis of ADHD, and sadly, doctors bow to the pressure to diagnose it, and so we have a lot of kids getting synthetic stimulants who probably just needed some better parenting.... and this confounds the perceived effectiveness of the ADHD meds.... leading drug companies to come up with new meds, which get foist off on the kids who didt respond to the old meds(because they were misdiagnosed in the first place), yadda yadda yadda and the viscious cycle goes on...
Actually, that is a common misconception. While adderall is an amphetamine, the effects it has on the brain are much more similar to cocaine than they are to meth.

As for the latter, nobody denies symptoms. The "symptoms" are in and of themselves perfectly normal and inherent characteristics a small group of shrinks gathered together and subjectively deemed "undesirable"; who then created the label "attention deficit disorder" which represents the collection of characteristics that small group of people determined themselves were "bad".

Somehow, don't ask me how because I'm still not sure how they pulled it off, they managed to have this classified as a disease. No scientific data to suggest this, nothing biologically verifiable about the hypothesis. It is classified as a disease simply based upon a small group of people voting a set of characteristics undesirable. ****ing mind boggling. Even more crazy, they now prescribe synthetic to cocaine to kids as a means to treat this "disease".

And despite Leafsdude's objections, synthetic cocaine is a medically apt term for adderall. They are remarkably similar.

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