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01-09-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
since when was what the Flyers did MY decision ? why on earth would you say that I am desperate ?

1st, you were unaware of how Bob publicly was campaigning to be the #1, and now you think that the Flyers acted out of "my" desperation ??

what are you talking about ?

i want 2 stud #1's fighting it out, pressing each other to be excellent. that's what I want.

the Flyers obviously do not want the circus from last year, part of which was the apparent battle as to who the #1 is.

i'm sure ML is competitive & wants to be, will try to be the #1. i also would guess that at NO point this year, will he state so publicly. nor will [almost certainly] the fans be calling for him to be the #1, claiming [rightly so, in Bob's case] "let's see what the kid can do !"

if you cannot see the potential benefit to Bryz, by removing any possible "public battle / controversy" as to who should be the #1 between our two goalies [avoiding a repeat from last year], then i think you just don't understand & never will.
There is too much hyperbole on your part to the Bob and Bryz situation. Bob wasn't some lockeroom cancer about it. He wasn't satisfied with just being the backup but accepted his situation until the end of the season when he was given an opportunity to provide feedback and the Flyers did what they had to do to accomodate Bob so he could have a more fulfilling career elsewhere as a possible starter...nothing more and nothing less.

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