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12-11-2003, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Remember what Andy Murray said when Potvin went down last year and Huet was putting together some good games? That Huet first must prove himself as a back-up before he gets a shot at the starting job. Well, he has proven himself admirably in the limited time he's had as a back-up. Now (if Cechmanek goes down for an extended period) he's being pressed into service as the #1. This is what he (and everyone else) has been waiting for. He has been patient and now he has the opportunity. It's time to step up and show us what he can do.
this is exactly what i was thinking. huet now has his chance.

i think that huet could potentially be a good stylistic match for the kings. for a team that tends to limit shots against to generally poorer ones, a goalie who is positionally sound and makes the high percentage saves may be just the ticket. even if, hypothetically, huet proves ineffective on more clear-cut scoring chances, that may actually help this team because then the responsibility for allowing the goal is shared among all players (instead of roman's bad-angle gaffs where the responsibility rests only on his shoulders). i know its a bit of an interprative stretch, but i think that huet in goal for an extended period of time, playing as well as the defenders in front of him, may help push this team's defense in a positive direction.

i hope that made sense.

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