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01-09-2013, 12:04 PM
Ducks tank is on!
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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post
Not sure why there would be a relationship unless you thought BB was getting fired too.

On a technical note it would seem to me that Scotty shouldn't be coaching them either since he is an employee of the Ducks. While the lockout is still on there is to be no contact between the team and the players.

FWIW, I called again today and today's practice is also closed. I didn't try yesterday but it appears they will all be closed until camp formally opens.
I'm not sure what the reason could be either, but I was just thinking it is something that has changed that may warrant a change in having open/closed practices.

Is Scotty really an employee of the Ducks? Or is it just like a consulting type thing? That's an interesting point though. That grey area may have something to do with making it closed. Maybe we weren't even supposed to know that Scotty was leading it?

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