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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
So you feel JFJ having a HHOF player isn't worth much? Kaberle in his prime as well. Look, there's no doubt BB made promises and did not keep them but comparing JFJ to Burke by that use isnt exactly fair. Maybe if JFJ didn't trade Rask for Raycroft Burke would've had a competent goalie to actually make playoffs with. I'm not a leafs fan and I think burke has left a lot to be desired but numbers aren't everything.
Maybe the numbers aren't everything, but they're all that really matters in a GM's tenure. JFJ had advantages Burke didn't have. Burke had advantages that JFJ didn't have. The team was a mess when JFJ got fired and it's a mess now with Burke fired. But at least you could argue JFJ had the numbers on his side. Burke didn't and now, for one reason or another, he's out of a job.

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