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01-09-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
I don't think you follow.

J-Bo is a waste at 6.6M. Are you saying he's a waste at 3.3M, which is what the team acquiring him would take on IF Calgary were willing to eat 50% of his cap/salary hit?

No offense, but IF I'm GM of a contending team and I'm told that J-Bo is available for 3.3M, then I'm very, very interested.

As I said, Philly could acquire Cammallerri, J-Bo, AND Kiprusoff for a combined cap hit of like 9.2M IF Calgary would eat half of their cap hits.

Here, I'll relate it in Penguins terms:

What's the market this summer for Paul Martin like at 5M a year for two years? What's it like at 3.5M, where Shero could eat 1.5M in the cap hit, figuring Despres or Morrow on a rookie deal takes his place?

OR, say TB is out of it. Malone has three years at a 4.5M cap hit. Salaries are 3M, 2.5M, and 2.5M. Do you want him? What would you give. NOW, say TB would eat a third of that? What's three years of Malone worth at a 3M cap hit?

Or, are you saying that J-Bo at 3.3M, Martin at 3.5M, Malone at 3M, or Cammallerri at 3M would be considered 'wastes' in the open market.

No offense, but Holmgren could add Cammallerri, J-Bo, and Kipper this year for the playoff run, have them on the books combined for 9.2M next year, and just use his buyouts on Briere and the head case (which frees up over 12M). What's the 'waste'?

What you need is a team with the money and will to do this as a buyer and a team with the money as a seller.
No kidding but what I'm saying why the hell wouldn't we be in on Cammy or J-Bo even? It's not like Philly and NY are the only contenders looking to make a trade. Detroit would definitely be in on J-Bo in this scenario. My point is that it seems silly to suggest that NY and Philly are the only teams in on these guys.

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