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01-09-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
yeah, I checked a different mock and it showed the Pirates having the 9th and 14th pick. The mock I was talking about was this one.

but then I searched for another mock and found this one that had the Pirates at 9 and 14.

I was curious because I knew I heard the Pirates had the 9th pick as compensation for not signing Appel, I was a little confused.
Holy facepalm, Batman, he has that entire order screwed up. How do you so royally screw up the 1st overall pick? He has San Diego picking 1st (they pick 13th) while the real 1st overall holder he has going 4th (Houston). Milwaukee drafts 17th (not 9th). St. Louis 20th (not 13th). Los Angeles 19th (not 30th). Cleveland 5th (not 18th). Miami 6th (Not 25th). Almost every pick there is wrong

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