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01-09-2013, 12:34 PM
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You give GMs more credit for draft picks than I do, I lay that almost entirely on the scouts. I'll give him credit for having the balls to make the trade to guarantee that they got both Sedins, though.

I'm not saying he's worthless, though I do believe his strategy is outdated and an abject failure in today's NHL, but I believe he's a shameless self-promoter who's reputation as a 'great GM' is thanks only to his large mouth and 'reviving' a Canadian team (though the resuscitation of the Canadian dollar gets lost in the big picture here...Vancouver was losing in the 90s because they were too poor to ice a NHL quality team, but hey Pat Quinn was still able to assemble a team that made it to the Finals in that environment).

That and Burke deserves literally zero credit for Alexandre Burrows - who was an ECHL player on an AHL contract in Burke's last season in Vancouver. Craig Heisinger, Manitoba's GM at the time, was the guy that scouted and signed him.

You'd just suspect that a GM who apparently was so great would have had some playoff success with the team he worked for the longest. If the Penguins bowed out in the first round every year there's no doubt this entire board would be calling for Shero's head.

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