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01-09-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by paree87 View Post
Those people make base 20K plus commission- and the commission plan sucks (anywhere between 8-12K annually, plus the commission is taxed at a much higher rate than base pay. & the bruins reserve the right to cut commission %s whenever they want, which they have done recently)

The reason there is so much turnover is partly due to the low pay and partly due to the fact that the upper mgt treats everyone like ****. Its a good resume builder but not a place to stay forever and make a career, which is sad.
I think I have had 4 reps in 4 seasons.

One was DKH's rep from back in 2008.. she is still around, I believe she moved up in the ranks, or only deals with the old boys club guys like Dan.

One was Niki something Italian... she left to get her MBA.

One was this asian girl May.. she just kind of left one day.

Then I had this guy from southern California.. not sure if I still do because I have had a girl calling me lately.

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