Thread: Speculation: Acq/ Rost. Bldg./ Cap Part XVI
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01-09-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
if the caps are tearing it up, i'd be stunned to hear that you arent going. if they are stinking it up, id be stunned to hear you were going.

i think in the end it all ends up with performance
No last season when Hunter had then playing that 'like watching paint dry' style of hockey I was seriously considering dropping my season tickets, even though they were doing ok and had a decent playoff run.

I've had those tickets for almost 15 years and through some pretty darn bad stretches of Caps hockey and had never been as bored watching them or less excited about going to watch them play as last year.

That combined with the lockout has made me incredibly apathetic about the Caps and the NHL in general.

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