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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
Nah, the Kings fans aren't afraid of Detroit at all. And we're the last team to be jealous.
And you're sounding a bit like an Oiler fan talking about how your pile of second tier prospects will take you to the promised land...except the Oiler fans' prospects include three consensus #1s. Hey, the Kings have a ton of defensemen prospects too. They'll also maybe be full time NHLers just like yours might...when Datsyuk and Zetterberg are almost retired.

And I didn't say the loss of one guy on defense was everything. I'm saying your defense wasn't that good with that guy AND you lost that guy to boot.

Detroit has brought up some decent to good young role players and a few second liners the last three years but there hasn't been a move that whole time to acquire the players who will take over the team. Right now, Detroit is a non-factor in the West...a bubble team. That's not what I call Red Wings hockey.

Maybe they need a new GM who is willing to make big trades and throw money at UFAs. I don't know. What I see is them on the decline with no special player who is coming aboard to turn things around.
Lol ok and now we all see the point of this thread.

Not a single thing you've said above is true.

They had the 6th best GAA in the league last year (including major stretches without their three best defensive players). Saying they had bad defense is simply untrue. The fact that you have to make up things to attempt to discredit a team is kind of pathetic.

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