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01-09-2013, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by cookiecutter View Post
Even though I am willing to give Ryan three years to turn it around. Do people think he can do it? I have watched ex Tommies play in various leagues in the city and they are usually very talented dudes that are well above local guys who did not play University hockey, but if the team is down in players, seldom winning, and drawing very few fans, should we have a team in the CIS. AT STU we can offer the same as far as any other university re scolarships, etc but we can not offer the same number of courses or the recent history of winning? The volleyball and other non cis sports are great...just saying.
then where would STU play hockey? Not like there is a lower league for the school to be playing in. Just cause the team isin't winning dosent mean you remove the team from the AUS.

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