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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
i cant understand why you are always comparing things from last season, like it's going to be carry over, when this team hasnt played in 8 months and have no clue what these players are going to do, sure they were second league in scoring but that's when they had jagr and they were new players, these are the same players and you dont think coaches in the other teams dont have a gameplan for stopping them? i wouldnt be surprised if they struggle because they are young and nothing has changed to make this team better.

it's like you are asking them to perform to your expectations, well it's not that easy if the other teams are going to have a gameplan to stop them since this team is predicable anyway unless the coach makes a change in his philosophy . im not complaining, im stating the reality of this team and you dont want to hear it that's your problem.
The second bolded part answers the question posed in the first bolded part.

By your logic, any team that retains most of the same players from season to season will never, ever win because every team will know how to beat them. Guess what? That's not the case. Changing the whole roster every season they don't win a Cup is a great way to ensure you never win a Cup. The Flyers do just as much gameplanning as their opponents.

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