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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Nonis has a split reputation among the Canuck fanbase. Generally the type of fan who always wants to blow the team up in the offseason when things go wrong will hate him, those with more patience will like him.

He's not going to make any real bold moves (apart from a Luongo trade) but will slowly and steadily build from within. Kind of like what Burke's been doing the last two years in Toronto, vs his first three years. With resigning players and free agents he tends to pay them just a little more than what the fanbase happy medium would be, but he does it without any antagonism and the players stay happy. I think he's been doing Toronto's contracts these past few years anyways, which is why a guy like Grabovski got maybe a little more than you wanted rather than angrily being driven out of town when he asked for $5M+.

I should add the worst thing Nonis did in Vancouver was make horrible trade deadline deals. Lots of 2nd and 3rd round picks given out for players that had little to no impact for us. Although to be fair Burke didn't leave the team with a lot of depth.
This seems overly charitable. Nonis won't "slowly" build from within. He'll just sit on whatever team he has and see what happens. He had his moments, but he wasn't willing to take an aggressive move when he needed to in order to improve the team, save one big trade for Luongo. There were lots of options open to him that he didn't pursue -- not trading for Richards was a good move, but it's easy to understand why ownership got tired of his act.

I think the problem with his deadlines was, as I said earlier, he was putting band-aids on bullet wounds. Giving away 2nd and 3rd round picks isn't a big deal, as they have little or no value. The odds of a 2nd round pick becoming anything useful are slim to none. My only problem is he never acquired guys good enough to keep around, whereas Gillis tends to acquire useful buy-low players with his picks (Higgins, Lapierre, notably).

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