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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
I was under the impression that the cap wouldn't necessarily disappear, just would decrease, giving a team more wiggle room to work around the cap.

Snotbubbles basically explained it.

Sorry for delayed response, busy at work.
You're thinking of a regular old buyout, which existed in the old CBA, and still does in the new CBA.

The new CBA has also issued 2 compliance buyouts which teams can use in order comply with a decreased salary cap. These buyouts, while they function exactly like a regular buyout, do not effect the salary cap at all (unlike a regular buyout).

That's why each team only has 2 of them, and they can only be used this upcoming summer, or next summer, and that is it. If you don't use 1 or both of them during either of those times, they go away.

Again, it's entirely separate from the regular buyout which you are thinking of.

You can check Capgeek's new FAQ section.

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