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Originally Posted by RampageNate View Post
Based on what I saw at practice today, Deveaux needs to go as soon as the CBA is ratified, if not before.
After the full team organized practice, Weber, Cipolla, and McCabe worked with the 5 on 3 units at one end. Skrudland (I think) had the another group at the other end working on individual drills. Finally, a group were at center ice playing some game where they stand around the center circle, one-timing passes to each other. If you flubbed either on the pass or the reception, you were out. Last one standing wins. Every player was involved in a drill, game, or with a coach. Except Deveaux. He sat on the halfwall in front of one of the benches, all by himself, for the duration of practice. It was embarassing to see and to me, unacceptable.

I'd rather see Jacques stick around. He's slow as mud and has stone hands, but he plays in the dirty areas and can throw his weight around. Deveaux is just a useless malcontent.
Wow, that is kinda odd to hear. Yeah I think he's probably already prepared to be shipped out once deals are allowed. Wonder if there's a team out there that will at least take him for their farm team...maybe Edmonton since they are gonna lose a ton of guys from the farm?

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