Thread: NHL 14: Wishlist
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01-09-2013, 02:11 PM
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If EA actually peeked into this thread, or any other thread made by fans of the game, they would realize that making changes to stuff like GM mode would make most fans much happier than wasting all their time on 'new' AI that is just as easy to exploit as every other time they do 'new' AI.

Would probably be much easier and cheaper to do that too, as it really doesn't take near as much programming power to change the way a menu-based game mode works, rather than changing AI in live gameplay.

However, next year EA will throw out the exact same game with new rosters and a couple tiny little gameplay adjustments that they will claim to make the game incredibly more immersive, but will really just be more of the same. It's such a shame that I love gaming and I love hockey, which basically forces me to buy this game as it's the only one on the market.

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