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01-09-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Chrispy View Post
Puck Daddy talks about the cap punishment here. My understanding is that if a team gets a benefit in cap space from a 7+ year contract and the player retires before the end of the contract, all that cap "savings" is applied to the remaining time on the contract.

Nashville saves almost $33 million in cap space vs what they actually pay Weber over the first 6 seasons of the contract. But the earlier Weber retires, the more that penalty is spread out. The penalty is spread across the remaining seasons on the contract. If Weber retires in 2025, the Predators take a cap hit of $7.857 million in the 2025-26 season.

Also, each year Weber plays for a lower salary than his cap hit decreases the penalty, as it's taken as how much he was paid vs the cap hit over the time he played.

None of these rules will affect the Jordan Staal contract, which is a flat $6 million per year for 10 years with no deviation.
Wow, that should NOT count for contracts signed on the last CBA. This is ridiculous. Totally makes sense for contracts going forward, but as far as penalizing teams this drastically, that's a little much. Teams that were otherwise drafting up contracts entirely within the rules of the game are now basically ALL stuck with Gomez-like contracts. That's brutal.

Basically all the Canucks can do now is trade Luongo and hope he's playing in Toronto until he's 50. Screws them over for team building as well, having ANOTHER team's player considering retirement have a drastic impact on YOUR salary cap. I think whoever wrote this rule was a little more shortsighted than they'd care to admit.

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