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You start with STU because Rantfather has a hate on for Mike Eagles.

Firstly, an audit of the programs would not reveal too much because these things are generally done "under the table" and are not known to the administration. I'm not saying that nothing would be uncovered, but I think, for the most part, that ADs are not stupid and would not allow blatant behaviour. My understanding of the Dal situation is that it was of such a magnitude that the uni could not handle it internally and opted to go to the CIS and confess.

If I'm hearing things correctly, over the past couple of years players were given apartments and other inducements well in excess of what would be considered even remotely improper. Some of these players are still playing for Dal.

I will add that my "sources" are not front line Dal people, but are people with contacts in the Dal administration. Until there is a published report by either Dal or the CIS all of this remains conjecture and speculation. It may well be that the infractions are not a serious as alleged and that Dal is using this as an excuse to rid themselves of a person they tried to fire a year ago.

Edit: Further to Rantfather's "rant": It is not necessary for other ADs to stand up and say "We are innocent of any wrongdoing". No other schools are being investigated to my knowledge.

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