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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
First game of the season, though October 1st may make an easier cutoff date and it comes pretty close to the start of the season anyway.

And generally speaking I would say 200 is a pretty good point anyhow. By that point you should have a pretty good idea if a player is worth keeping or not. But you should generally be able to get that with guys who are 24 as well, guys who haven't shown what they're worth by then generally aren't worth using a keeper slot on long term. IE: Jay Harrison may have been a late bloomer, but nobody would use a keeper on him. But maybe have an exemption in on a guy like Dustin Penner or Tyler Bozak who's a late bloomer so they might not even show up as a prospect pick until they're 23. So basically give the GM a full 2-3 seasons after drafting a player if they use it on a late bloomer in the prospect draft?

Of course, if they're a UFA signing (by the GM here, not in real life), doesn't matter anyway, they don't fall under the exemption rules anyway.
Here's my feeling on this one: if you go to the trouble of using a prospect draft pick on a guy that hasn't yet been drafted (and hasn't played an NHL game, perhaps?), then you should get your 200 games out of him. If locking this guy down was a freebie, then I'd say yes, we need limits, but since you're using up one of your 7 picks on a guy, you shouldn't lose him due to his age alone.

And again, it's more of a administrative hassle to qualify an ever-growing list of prospects not only on games played, but also on age as of a certain date. Give that a moment's thought, and think about what a pain that will be...

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