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01-09-2013, 03:48 PM
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What's a proven asset in a trade ? A player that had one great first season and could improve or one that has been reliable for six seasons ?

Here we are not talking about value at all, we're talking about proven assets. Plekanec has proven being an incredible asset, compiling impressive defensive skills while adding points and playing with questionable wingers.

In terms of VALUE only, Couturier is definitely better than Plekanec, there's no question about it. The reason is POTENTIAL. Couturier has the potential to become a player like Pavel Datsyuk, Patrice Bergeron, Tomas Plekanec or Jordan Staal. Though, the only outstanding player in there is Pavel Datsyuk that is a 1st center and won the Selke 3 years in a row.

Patrice Bergeron won a Selke trophy and had 22 goals, 64 points that year and was +36. The same year, Plekanec had 22 goals, 57 points but was +8. Does that mean Bergeron is better offensively ? Not really. Defensively ? It really depends in which situation they were playing and who were their wingers.

Now, what will Couturier become ? A Datsyuk, Bergeron/Plekanec or a Staal ? He has the potential to become a Datsyuk, but he ONLY PLAYED ONE YEAR. Plus he's only 20 years old.

Plekanec has been playing for six seasons now and has become the most reliable forward of the team that can play in every situation. He plays against top lines, in PP, PK, always with different wingers.

At the moment, for the Habs, I'd rather have a proven reliable player like Plekanec that we know very well what he can do, than having a very promising young player that could as well end up a Plekanec as well. Especially not at the expense of PK Subban.

Like mentionned by some others, we already have someone that has great potential to be better than Plekanec and that is Eller. Flyers fans will not agree, but Blues fans might, since some were quite displeased to hear they had lost Eller to get Halak. Eller is bigger than Plekanec and has a great vision for good plays. If he could put on some muscle and play more physically, he'd be even greater than Plekanec. But at the moment, he needs to be shown the way.

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