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01-09-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by krudmonk View Post
Aside from existing sports rivalries with Seattle teams, and aside from recognizing that Sacramento is getting the shaft to facilitate this project, and aside from worry that the Oilers may be targeted...

I really hate the groupthink here which suggests that lattitude correlates directly to hockey success. We've spent over a decade crying about how "southern" markets don't work (disregarding success like Nashville) so we foolishly try to correct that by rushing into Seattle just because it is really far north?

For a while, before this arena was a real possibility, people would constantly suggest Seattle as a potential NHL market, only to be shot down by those who had first-hand experience with the Seattle market. They will have the big three sports covered, plus the best-supported MLS team (with history dating back 40 years) and a MAJOR college program right there in town.

If the league does move into town, maybe I am proven wrong. In fact, I hope I am for the health of the NHL. I can always use another team to hate, both in this league and that city.
??? Hockey is very popular here!! Who are these people with first hand knowledge shooting down hockey and I am curious about the 40 year history with soccer??

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