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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
Do you think we have a same or even comparable team for those years? Have you taken into account its no longer the same team. Cammalleri, Kostitsyn(s), Hamrlik, Spacek, Moore, Bergeron.. are gone and Gomez who is no longer Gomez who was decent in the transition game in 09-10. We have no real sample for Markov and this current Habs team, they are not comparable. Markov is also older, which may or may not come in to factor, but it is there.

These stats may have been significant when comparing him with a roster from beginning of last year back. However this team has changed significantly, which makes those stats useless for games going forward.

If we take the latest samples, which are last seasons 13 games, the habs were 5-3-5, which is pretty decent point wise. 6 games went to OT or shootouts and we lost 5 of them. Winning more of those could help.

We also don't have much data on having both Subban and Markov in the lineup, I think this could be more telling.
I'm not sure what you mean with your post. Could you please elaborate.

If I'm not supposed to use the last 2 full seasons that Markov was in and out of the line up, than what else am I supposed to use. The facts are they facts. When he was in the line up, they won. When he wasn't they lost. I think that's pretty clear. Saying they have a different team now and so on doesn't change what their record was with and without Markov. Trying to extrapolate anything from that is futile and only muddy's the waters, which is why you're not seeing it for what it is. Habs are much better with Markov than not. Don't see how you're arguing against this.

Originally Posted by Drive425 View Post
Makes no difference using that logic.

If a team continues to win when a player is gone, means he's irrelevant.

This bizarro logic is giving me a headache.
The logic is simple. Pens have 2 other #1 centres in Malkin and Staal. So when Crosby went down, those 2 stepped up and were able to help pick up the slack Crosby left behind due to their incredible talent. It's no surprise that Malkin won the Heart Trophy in Crosby's absence due to his steller play.

As for Montreal, they didn't have any defensmen able to replace Markov, including PK. So when Markov went down, they traded for a bunch of different defensmen to pick up his slack and do it by commitee, but weren't able to do so. Hence, they're terrible record without Markov.

Does that makes sense? If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify further.

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