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01-09-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Again, no reversal......we've always hated Nuck's fans proposals.
Oh no, not the attitude, the "power" has slid from the Leafs to the Canucks, if this were an actual negotiation. And don't worry, it's still reciprocated Present company excluded of course.

Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
The tables may have turned in terms of offense vs defense, but both sides have been doing this all along.
Bingo, but now instead of being low value for the Canucks, it's sky rocketed in percieved value.

Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Less hate and more slightly unnerved they might be true, or closer to it. That's what I find amusing.
It's no longer "that's crazy" it's "that's crazy, but if it happens...". That's what gets me.

Well, Nonis will do what he thinks best for his team, Leafs fans, watch a lot of deadweight get cast off, and new dead weight brought in. Burke V. Nonis is like the tide. I don't see Kessel or Phaneuf being moved (of course), but Luongo in with that core makes your team a rock, and even if Gardiner is given up, I assure you you will be a better team on the other side of things.

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