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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well, there's no reason to believe he's 100% back to form either. 20ish games in the KHL is far from proving anything. Not to mention, he got injured to the upper body during that time. I'm not saying Markov is finished, far from it, all I'm saying is you can't definitively say he's our #1. He needs to prove it, and prove it in the NHL, not the KHL.
This debate however, is pretty useless and stupid. Both PK and Markov are key players for us that need to be at the top of their game. Who'll be more effective is a crap shoot at this point.

Well then you're contributing our record without Markov to the lack of depth more so than to his presence.
The loss of a #1 D on an average team is undeniable. Imagine our record without PK two years ago? Or heck, even last year despite our already poor record.
You can look at our POs record too, when we lost Markov but had PK, and still beat Pittsburgh, the defending champs.
Having both those guys is amazing. Both can be on par, but because of Markov's injuries and age, it's only normal for PK to be ahead. But that can change if Markov proves to be solid and back to his good ways. In the end however, as I said before, it doesn't really matter, they are both top Dmen.
I agree with the fact it's a useless debate. Fact is, they can both be top tier defensmen. They both need to show they can play well consistantly and be as good as they've both shown they can be.

I take issue with people making PK our defacto #1 when he's had two inconsitent, up and down seasons to his name. I'm not ready to concede he's the #1 but I do agree that Markov has to play to the level he did before he got injured. His play at the end of last season and in the KHL are very positive signs thus far. His upper body is not his knee.

Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
PK may be inconsistent, but in he was very good late in the year in both his seasons. He's become a great penalty killer and an excellent even strength defenseman. We know what to expect from him at this point.

I hope to god your right about Markov. I'm just trying to be realistic and not get my hopes up.
As I said above, PK has has 2 up and down seasons and has been far from consistnet. It's completely normal for a rookie defensmen to go through what he did and he heldup very well to the pressure. Still, he hasn't proved he's the #1 just yet with his play just yet.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
What do you mean ditto for PK?? He has been a stud Dman for us these past two years. He needs to prove he can get into the 50-60pt mark, Markov not only needs to prove that but also show that he can remain healthy. PK doesn't have to show this at all, he's been healthy.
I don't know what games you've been watching but I don't think you will find a single Habs fan or otherwise who can honestly say that PK was a stud for 2 entire seasons. He was wildly inconsistent and his play was erratic for most of the time. He played well down the stretch but in both seasons he had terrible starts. If you honestly beleive he was a "stud" for the past 2 years than arguing this point with you will be moot. Quite simply put, he wasn't.

Markov has already paid his dues and shown he can be a top tier defensman. I don't think it's a matter of Markov proving anything but rather getting back to a level of play he's demonstrated this year and last that he's capable of playing.

I'm always going to give the edge to a player who's accomplished something over one who hasn't yet. I hope I'm wrong and they give each other a run for their money. That's when you know the Habs will have a great defense corp.

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