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01-09-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
I dont believe for a second that YOU heard what the deal is. you are getting your info where I got mine...Mark Edwards, twitter. (your prints are all over it too).
Dont forget to give cred where its due, dont pretend to know whats up when you dont. (Mr. Doyouknowwhatthepricesare) - c'mon man
Point..... Knights77. I find if ya read Simons stuff enough hell take both sides and then remind ya of what he said if it turns true. lol. On jrA he states he thinks Mark done and the. An Hr later figures hes playing the wait game. simple regurgitation with a sprinkle of opinion like the rest of us. Just having fun.

We all get our info elsewhere, and all have our opinions. For what lil they're worth.

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