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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
The pull is a nice one, but I'll probably sell him at 17 (if he stays 5/6) or 20 (if he drops to 4/6 at 17). If he ends up making a junior NT, that would make more likely to keep him.

I've probably lost to Bayern Munich before, but it was a 0-0 game after 90 minutes, so I'm not that upset with the loss. That match demonstrates that I should get the most bang for my buck by investing in a stud forward. At least in terms of on-field performance so far this season. Here's an interesting stat for you: My team has scored 18 goals in home league matches this season (11 matches) and your team has scored 33 goals in home league matches this season (also 11 matches). Overall, I'm in 5th place in terms of goals scored, despite having 2 goalscorers in the top 10 (and putting 4 in the net today).

Good luck in the NC, it looks like you'll need it this round. I'll be cheering for you to make an International Cup (as long as it doesn't involve preventing me from qualifying for the Champion's League next season). If you can knock divoch out of the NC, he may not make it to an International Cup next season... The standings are awfully tight from 3rd - 5th.
Whoa. I knew my team was a badass at home, but I didn't realize the difference between home & road was so extreme.
Home 9-1-1 and outscoring opponents 33-7.
Away 5-3-3 and only 11 goals scored while also giving up 11.
That's a bit insane. I should probably pay more attention to this. Maybe i should use all of my top players on the road instead of squeezing in some many youngsters. Thanks for the heads up

I don't think you'll have to worry about me keeping you out of the ChL. I've been about as hot as you can be in I.1 and I'm still 10 points back. I think you're safe. But I'll do my best against Corona. I'm not expecting much though. His top 11 is almost 150 OR better and I've burned a lot of energy this season.

I guess I'll have to do something similar with Coates. He might not be a bad player if he sticks at 5/6 for 3-4 seasons. But he would be my 3rd LD 'prospect'. I might not need all three...

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