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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I agree with the fact it's a useless debate. Fact is, they can both be top tier defensmen. They both need to show they can play well consistantly and be as good as they've both shown they can be.

I take issue with people making PK our defacto #1 when he's had two inconsitent, up and down seasons to his name. I'm not ready to concede he's the #1 but I do agree that Markov has to play to the level he did before he got injured. His play at the end of last season and in the KHL are very positive signs thus far. His upper body is not his knee.

As I said above, PK has has 2 up and down seasons and has been far from consistnet. It's completely normal for a rookie defensmen to go through what he did and he heldup very well to the pressure. Still, he hasn't proved he's the #1 just yet with his play just yet.

I don't know what games you've been watching but I don't think you will find a single Habs fan or otherwise who can honestly say that PK was a stud for 2 entire seasons. He was wildly inconsistent and his play was erratic for most of the time. He played well down the stretch but in both seasons he had terrible starts. If you honestly beleive he was a "stud" for the past 2 years than arguing this point with you will be moot. Quite simply put, he wasn't.

Markov has already paid his dues and shown he can be a top tier defensman. I don't think it's a matter of Markov proving anything but rather getting back to a level of play he's demonstrated this year and last that he's capable of playing.

I'm always going to give the edge to a player who's accomplished something over one who hasn't yet. I hope I'm wrong and they give each other a run for their money. That's when you know the Habs will have a great defense corp.
The bolded part I definitely agree with you on. His starts in 2010 and 2011 were both borderline abysmal. I think this season is a pretty good test for PK, as a matter of fact. It's a shortened season and every game matters. He needs to play strong from start to finish here if he wants to truly establish himself as a bonafide #1 defenseman.

I think ATM P.K Subban is a poor man's #1 defenseman. He still has to get more consistent, and needs to put up another 10-15pts per season in order to get into the "elite" #1 defenseman category. His PK-ES play has been at the level of an elite #1 defenseman *when he's been on his game* (down the stretch in 2011, and down the stretch in 2012). Today, on a great team PK is an elite #2 and on a team like Montreal he is an average #1. Markov was an elite #1 on a great team, a Top-5 defenseman league wide. Subban is quite easily in the top 30-35 right now. So he's close to being a "#1 defenseman".

I think they will both have very comparable seasons actually, and unfortunately this debate (I agree also that it's pointless) will continue to rage on through next season. I'm expecting around .5PPG from both guys.

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