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01-09-2013, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
Here's my feeling on this one: if you go to the trouble of using a prospect draft pick on a guy that hasn't yet been drafted (and hasn't played an NHL game, perhaps?), then you should get your 200 games out of him. If locking this guy down was a freebie, then I'd say yes, we need limits, but since you're using up one of your 7 picks on a guy, you shouldn't lose him due to his age alone.

And again, it's more of a administrative hassle to qualify an ever-growing list of prospects not only on games played, but also on age as of a certain date. Give that a moment's thought, and think about what a pain that will be...
Alright, you guys have me agreeing with that one. 200 games, as long as you go through the trouble of using a prospect pick on him. Otherwise they have to be protected heading into the next season. 200 games rule should still apply as of the start of the season though IMO.

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