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Originally Posted by Skk82 View Post
Scientific methods and whether or not you like predictions or not- one point this drove home for me is how intense and tight this 48 game season would be.

54 points in the standings means you're tied for 10th in the league and in the playoffs.
50 points means you're tied for 26th and out.

That's the difference of 2 games and it makes each and every game more important. This hockey season will be a lot more like the NFL games (where each one matters) than your random MLB game, where 1 game isn't a big deal for good or bad.

No matter what, there's not a big margin of error and every game could have that playoff type feel and mentality. Hopefully it brings out the best of the sport and not the over-coaching and block shots and trap mentality that's creeped back.
If the Refs actually call the game per the rules, Pens shouldn't have a problem. They haven't done that very often unfortunately. Teams just have to make the playoffs and there still should be about 10pts between the top and bottom playoff teams.

Pens can't wait too long for MAF to find his chi or whatever it is he's missing (I personally think chi = talent).

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