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Originally Posted by param View Post
And who will replace the rest of Murray's play?

Murray will be a UFA at the end of the season. The new salary cap limitations won't start until next season. With what KM said about Murray feeling fully healed, why would San Jose want to a downgrade the role of their top physical defensive defenseman (Murray) to Vandermeer? If Murray is gone who does the team rely on for the physical presence at the back end?

It's tougher, right now, for the team to satisfy Murray's role as opposed to a right handed defenseman with offensive prowess (Boyle...Burns...Bruan...Demers...).
The rest of Murray's play? That would be Brad Stuart.

Vlasic - Burns
Stuart - Boyle
Braun - Demers

I think this line-up is perfectly fine. You lose Murray's physicality, but you add MUCH greater mobility in Stuart, and a guy who is still a legit 3/4 guy instead of Murray's 4/5 (but really more of a 5).

If you need physicality you have Pelech readily available. And maybe a guy like Vandermeer as an insurance policy. Or maybe even Petrecki (doubtful, but who knows).

The point to me is that while Murray is a favorite (remember I once said that Murray would have been a better choice for Captain and JT and I still think that), from a defensive standpoint he isn't a critical piece any more.

Then when you add all of the other prospects down in Woostah who could fill in for a bit in case of injury (especially assuming Pelech re-signs) and that fact that Murray is an impending UFA who honestly should not be re-signed, it makes sense to trade Murray now. Especially if DW can move him to a team that will offer some some decent players who might improve some current roster issues.

BTW, just to be clear, I would rather re-sign Pelech than re-sign Vandy. Vandy would need to ride the bench most of the year and he wouldn't be very motivated in that role.

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