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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
I mentioned this earlier in the thread. Here is how I (and other Pens fans) look at it.

Jerome Iginla is 35 years old. Our prospects and pick range from 18-21 years old.

5 years down the road we have a 40 year old Iginla announcing his retirement. And if the prospects pan out, the Flames have 2 young stud NHL defensemen, a young solid NHL winger and a prospect close to making your team that the Flames chose with the Pens 1st round pick.

What makes this future so tempting for the Penguins?


We make this deal and Iginla bolts back to Calgary in the offseason, we esstentially gave 4 1st round picks for a month or 2 of Jerome Iginla.

I'm not saying the Flames shouldn't ask for a lot, I'm not saying Iginla isn't that valuable to the Flames, but if you're looking for a bunch of solid pieces to make a rebuild in one easy deal. Pittsburgh isn't the place to look.
Flames aren't the ones looking to trade Iginla though, it's the other teams looking to acquire him. Maybe 1 fan in 10 wants him traded.

BTW that's always how it goes when you trade prospects for an star player. You're not getting a HOF'er for scraps, it's gotta be a sacrifice on both sides. If it doesn't sting you to make the trade then you're not offering enough.

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