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Originally Posted by oilerbear View Post
Give some justification for your Ideas!

Not meant to be mean.
I believe you are better than this.

Will Start With Role #1
Face off, Down low Front Net presence Center on a unit that gets 8.54 GF/60 while he is on the Ice.

Lets look at centers with his GF rate.
M. Fisher 9.50 GF/60 4.2M
P. Statstny 8.86 GF/60 6.6M
N. Backstrom 8.77 GF/60 6.7M
F. Nielson 8.70 GF/60 2.75M
P. Marleau 8.50Gf/60 6.9M
D. Backes 8.36 GF/60 4.5M
E. Malkin 8.16 GF/60 8.7M

Role #2

there are 96 basic even situations a player can be subjected to.
that yields an expected point rate and ga rate for each group.

Cause no one is stupid enough to think.
1. you can score equally whether you start in offensive zone or D zone.
2. there is no difference betwen 1st line comp and 4th line comp.
3. there is no difference between 1st line teamates and 4th line teamates.

Shawn horcoff played
Less than 45% zone start Center;
Facing 1st comp
with 3rd line teamates.
this has been the most difficult situation in the league.
10 forwards face this each year.

The average since the lockout:
A forward is expected to get 1.1Pt/60 and have 2.87 EVGA/60
Last year horcoff
Was 1.04P/60
Slightly under expected average for situation.

no longer the 07-08 or 08-09 Horcoff who averaged
2.05P/60 and 2.51Ga/60

Last year horcoff got tough zone coverage so the likes of

RNH 62.5%zone start 2nd Comp 1st Teamates
Expected P/60 2.35 actual 1.97
Expected GA 2.55 Actual 2.73

Eberle 60.7% Zone Start 2nd Comp 1st Teamates
Expected p/60 2.35 Actual 3.08
Expected Ga 2.55 Actual 3.08

Hall 56.5% Zone Start 2nd Comp 2nd Teamates
Expected p/60 2.10 Actual 2.07
Expected Ga 2.55 Actual 2.87

could get the easy sledding.

proper coaching is slotting your roster in the 96 situations that best help you to win.

any how!

The centers who played in this role:
Couturier (my pick for the Selke and Calder)
Just a freak year.
Best defensive year in the last 10 years.

Role #3
1/2 PK unit 2.5Min
A 6.15GA/60 Center

Equal numbers

Slighty better

So I think we have our answer.

Sean Couturier 1.37M EL
Thomas Plekanec 5.0M
will get you better Even & Pk results for horcoffs situation
but these two fail on the PP

A combination of
Gaustad 3.25M
Fisher 4.2M
come the closest to covering all three situations.

While I love the Buy out Horcoff Montra.

Any time someone says buyout horcoff.
it says
1. to lazy to look at replacement
2. complete lack of understanding of the game
-were you start
-who you face
-with who
-goals you get
-goals you give up.
3. in grade 1-7 and just want to fit in with the peers on HF Board.

Buy him out.

The majic hockey fairy will make us a center who can fill his role for 7.5M

Or we can trade for

which one of you wants Plastic surgery to look like C. Underwood.
Sorry, tldr. I only made it through your first point, which you seem to give credit to Horcoff for a strong powerplay. Apparently the number you used to bolster your point is a number given to all players on the pp unit, despite who did what, scored a goal, got an assist whatever. So basically you say "Horcoff has a good +/- on the pp" so he is a good offensive player or good member of the pp unit.

That's it. That's all youve got to show he has any worth at all as an offensive player, which, is probably because there isnt anything else, because he is a pathetic loser. Horcoff's justified because he whined enough so the coach would put him on the first unit pp, the third best in the entire league. No thanks to Horcoff of course.

Strange that Horcoff was on the team and on the pp during all those years that it was one of the worst in the league. Or maybe it isnt strange at all. Maybe Horcoff is just a 5.5mill plug?

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