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06-14-2006, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by 22SteveBegin22
I've wondered ever since the lockout ended what the response from fans would be like the next time Bettman steps on the ice to award the cup. He'll be lucky if it happens tonight in the home building of the winner, because they'll be a lot more focused on the team and the win. But it's not hard to remember when a lot of hockey fans were calling for his head (which, by the way, always seems to be kind of vibrating from side to side a little bit when he does Cup presentations).

So while I hope Lord Stanley stays in his case for now, here's a question -- how bad does Bettman get booed if he has to present the cup in Raleigh tonight? Does he deserve the pent-up anger of hockey fans from a lost year? Do the fans let it go and just celebrate that the game is back (and even that it's improved?)
Didnít you know that Bettman and Muckler are identical twins seperated at birth ?

Muckler in 2006 playoffs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> vibrating then Bettmen ever could do.

Booed for last season going out the window, mabe. Booed in front of Canes fans after they win the Cup, highly unlikely.

Booed for inconstant officiating throughout the playoffs and introducing the stupid puck over the glass rule, most definitely.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton were not going to win in 2005 so I see no reason for their fans to be pissed at Bettmen.

Sens are chronic playoff chokers, sans Cup in 2005.

Calgary could not even win under the old system, they might have went far but the Cup would still have been out of reach in 05'.

The Rules were not going to change at all had the 05' season been played, they still need some tweaking.

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