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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Here are the the top 5 cumulative save percentages of goalies who played at least 350 games between 2006-2012.

1. Tim Thomas 0.922 in 374 GP
2. Tomas Vokoun 0.921 in 401 GP (inflated by massive overcounting in Nashville and possible overcounting in Florida)
3. Henrik Lundqvist 0.920 in 468 GP (possibly underrated by minor shot undercounting in NY)
4. Roberto Luongo 0.919 in 461 GP
5. Ryan Miller 0.916 in 442 GP

Without going into a detailed statistical analysis, IMO the tiny 0.002 advantage in save percentage edge Thomas has over Lundqvist could easily be explained away by the fact that Lundqvist has the extra fatigue of playing almost 100 more games over the time period. And that's before getting into possible undercounting in NY (I'll wait for BM67 to post on that, but I remember seeing it in a previous post).
Thanks. I was wondering if anyone had it broken down to ES and PP, just to see if special teams were contributing to this at all.

Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
He's posting gaudy save% in an era where crappy goalies like Mike Smith and Jimmy Howard and Jonas Hiller and their dog do the same.
And where are they on the list TDMM posted? The one that takes 7 years into consideration?

Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
1 (one) Vezina
Thank you for clarifying that 1 is one. I thought you meant five!

Truly, a world of difference! Like, 30 spots worth of it, eh?
No one said it was 30 spots worth of difference, and the aggregate list indicates very few think anything close to that, either, but the difference is definitely there.

Originally Posted by pappyline View Post
This is kind of telling regarding the age of most of the voters and probably why so many modern goalies are showing up and getting so much support....Me, I'm a dinausor and Rollins followed by Cheevers will likely be my 1 and 2 this round. You know I actually remember Rollin's last season with the Hawks.
You sure thereís no nostalgia involved in that? Rollins is at best the 7th-best goalie of his generation (born 1924-1931). Lundqvist is most likely the best post-lockout goalie and itís not like Rollins has a rich, full career to fall back on, either.

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