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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
Sounds like a long shot and it's news just to coincide with the end of the lockout trying to relate it with the possible return oaf the Whalers.

It reminds me, anyone have any update on how the lease negotiations with the AHL's Whale are doing? My understanding is it wasn't going too well.
Whale lease expires after this season's caulder cup completes as far as I know. Personally, I LOVE XLCenter. The area around it is nice and small, has some good places to eat, and is totaly bumping on a saturday night. Don't see why some low priced tickets wouldn't help the town. Beyond that, there are plenty of Hockey fans, but they don't go to Whale games because... the whale is lower caliber hockey. plain and simple. UConn hockey is nice, but a new arena would be a good boost for them. There are also several colleges in the area that could benefit from a new state of the art arena (something like Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport CT, which BTW fills about 50-70% capacity of its 8500 seats on standard game nights in the beginning of the AHL season... Imagine those numbers later in the season, then imagine the numbers for an NHL team on National TV)

Furthermore, I don't see a reason why XLCenter cannot be renovated.

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post
nonsense.. The team worked for over 15 years in Hartford. Yes it's diffcult and no they didn't have sellouts every night but it was a passionate fanbase.

If you wanna say it won't work out because the fans moved on fine.. I'd even say that no other sports team would work here but the NHL has.

Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I live in CT.

The NHL here is not going to work.

When you sit, in route between Boston and New York, two O6 Franchises, the fan base that you hope to tap into is beyond miniscule.

There is no Baseball team here - Yankees and Red Sox
There is no Basketball team here - Knicks and Celtics
There is no Football team here - Giants and Patriots

Hockey? - Rangers and Bruins

Never going to work.
Do you think season ticket holders want a 2 hour travel to see their favorite team? Besides that, this is the Northeast we are talking about. We are CRAMMED with people, which means plenty of POTENTIAL HOCKEY FANS, especially for Richy rich CT residents, coupled with the fact that the NHL now has a national TV deal, which back in the later Whalers days, it did not have (AFAIK)

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