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01-09-2013, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Are you insinuating that Ryan Miller, out of all people, made the top-60 aggregate list?
That's confidential as of now... but he did not make mine. After further review I was open to the idea that maybe I underrated him and some modern guys.

Originally Posted by pappyline View Post
LOL, playing the nostalgia card. Favorite tactic when dealing with someone who has actually watched many years of hockey.

Actually Rollins had a rich full career. So what if he played many years in the minors. tough to hold a job in the 6 team NHL.... got beaten out by Glen Hall-no disgrace in that.

Anyway, play the nostalgia card and I counter with the modern bias card. As far as Lundquist goes let see how is career plays out. After he is retired for a few years, we can then think logically about him and determine if he is a top 40 of all time.
Very funny that you play the "modern bias" card when this project has been loaded with anything but modern bias.

So then, yes, 7th-best of a generation born 80 years ago is better than the best of a modern generation? That's your position? Just want to make sure we're all clear on this.

As you yourself mentioned, you remember Rollins' last season. Doesn't sound like you're exactly an expert on him either.

There's no need to wait until Lundqvist retires. He has already been in the NHL a year longer than Rollins was a full-timer. I have the ability to pretend his career is over as of now and I trust the other participants do, too.

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