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01-09-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Unknown Caller View Post
Exactly. People aren't worked up over a random reporter's twitter. We've had comments from Kovy, Grossman, Lou, and Medvedev. Every one is cryptic when they could easily just say he was coming back. Do you really think Lou hasn't been contacting him? If Kovy was definitely coming back when the agreement was signed, someone would have said it by now. Instead its all ambiguous ********.
Actually Kovalchuk was pretty specific the problem came from how it was tweeted and pit out of order when translated by Malamud.

The original interview was pretty straightforward and the interviewer act direct questions the only ****ing ambiguous thing is the fact the cba hasn't been ****ing ratified and that was kovy's answer to whether or not he would stay in the khl.

Watching fans turn on him because no one can read a ****ing original source anymore and base everything off 256 character limit tweets from media ****heads that want to rabblerouse is pathetic and I want to be as far away as possible from any idiot who trashed Russia or kovy over such nonsense.

Original interview here:

Also datsyuk is playing in the asg but got permission, perhaps kovy didn't ask permission because the cba isn't signed and didn't want to abandon his ska team which he is the captain of.

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