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01-09-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
O'k, I'll go the other way. When is the last time Sid and Geno both had two good wingers each (or the equivalent of two good wingers each). The answer is the 2008 playoff run. Pens ran through the East in 14 games. Yeah, they lost to Detroit, but that year Datsyuk was healthy and Geno was hurt (unlike the opposite the next year) and the rookie finalist jinx showed.

I don't think not having both Sid and Geno with two good wingers each precludes a cup run. I don't think both having two good wingers each insures a cup run. I simply think that giving both of them two good wingers each gives the Pens a better chance at a cup run. Sid and Geno should be a true pick your poison proposition, where you're screwed in a playoff series no matter what you do. They're not.
I have never disagreed about wanting the wingers. I'm just saying I don't think its strictly defensive teams that give us trouble. Philly sure as hell wasn't a defensive team.

Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
I'm still hoping for one more scoring threat for Sid and Kunitz and one more Kunitz/Malone type banger for Geno and Neal, but I do agree one more scoring threat will be essential.

NOTE: When we talk scoring threat here, it's not just how many goals a guy has scored. We're talking about the ability to make a play one on one more than once in a blue moon, whether it's by skill or physical domination. How many guys to the Pens have who REALLY beat a guy one on one more than once in a blue moon? I remember watching the Ottawa games last year and thinking the Pens have 2 or 3 forwards who do that (depending upon how Neal played), and a team like Ottawa had about double that.
I think the key is having a guy that the opponent can't just ignore. When Sid is with guys like Cooke and Dupuis the opponent is going to focus entirely on Sid and force those other guys to beat them. Sid then doesn't have any room to do his thing. Neal demands attention though, which makes space for Geno. Kunitz does as well, just to a lesser degree. Dupuis, Cooke, Kennedy etc, not so much. When Kunitz and Neal are both on the same line, now we really don't even force opponents to "pick their poison" as you've called it. One line had 3 threats, the other had Sid.

Originally Posted by ObsessedCreative View Post
Kunitz Crosby Jeffery or BB
Tangradi Malkin Neal
Cooke Sutter Dupuis
Glass Vitale Kennedy

Orpik Letang
Martin Nisky
Despres Engelland

BB I can see being thrown into top lines over Dupuis. At least he brings a very different element to that line. I really think its a stretch to expect Jeffrey to take that spot from Dupuis though. He projects to maybe someday be as good as Dupuis if everything works out for him. As a Jeffrey fan and a pretty big optimist, I'm not holding my breath.

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