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Originally Posted by djscooter View Post
While I do agree with some of the things you have said. If you think Corrado is not that good you have another thing comming. He was invited to the world junior camp, last year he was named one of the top defencemen in the OHL by the coaches. Corrado is one of the premier two-way defencemen in the OHL.

I've been a dieheard wolves fan for over 12 years, half of my life for reference. I've been willing to stick it out with them through bad and good. However they have shown to be consistently one of the worst franchises in the OHL.

I'm sick and tired of constantly making it to the first round and seeing them knocked out. They've had one good playoff run recently and it was due to a team that underperformed all season and made some key pick ups in Andrew Self, Justin Donati, Sebastien Dahm among others.

I understand due to "politics" the wolves won't always have a great team like franchises such as Windsor, London, Kitchener, Barrie, Brampton, etc. I can accept that. What I can't accept and has come to light this year is not fielding the best lineup possible. When the team is being ran by the owner, I have an issue. When the team starts to suffer due to many players refusing to report in trades, I have an issue. When the team loses multiple staff members in the same offseason due to them acknowledging what a clown show it has become, I have an issue.
I honestly believe that Leivo and Corrado are both under-appreciated by fans down south due to lack of exposure. They are both top 5 in the forward and defense IMO.

I've been a long time fan and gone to as many games as I could and finally got season tickets 6 years ago. For all the reasons djscooter posted in his last paragraph, I'm not renewing them next season. The Wolves used to be the only option in town but now Laurentian is starting their hockey program next year. The Nickle Barons seem to be doing better under their new ownership... Heck, it's even possible to go see games in North Bay if one wants OHL hockey (and a better team). I wouldn't rule any of those options out for a hockey fix.

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