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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
You could have 2 Maholtra's for the cost of Horcoff, and Manny alone is more effective as a faceoff/defensive specialist, even with the eye injury.

The Oilers would be much better off with two 3 million dollar players or three 2 million dollar players, than Horcoff fumbling around on the 3rd or 4th lines soaking up minutes he isn't effective at. It may be wishful thinking with this management group, but there is always that bit of hope as a fan that if Horcoff wasn't around absorbing a huge chunk of cap every year, the team would be able to aquire some younger, lower priced, and more effective depth to improve the team towards actually winning games.
We all know Horcoff is overpaid. Its not going to change so why bring it up? His cap hit isn't hurting this team as it is today so its a non issue. Until the Oilers get close to the cap Horcoffs contract is pretty much irrelevant to his contributions to this team.

The Oilers have $7,266,667 in free cap space. What is stopping them from getting 2 $3mil or 3 $2mil players? Not horcoffs cap hit. I'm not arguing that Horcoff is the be all end all of 3rd line centers. I know there are probably better options out there, but in the mean time we are stuck with him and I think he can fill that 3rd line role just fine.

Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
What the hell is this ramble jamble?

I'll tell you what it is, its a false positive. Something you are stating as true but is completely false because there is absolutely no evidence to support any of it.

Let's break it down:

-The Oilers have never had Horcoff play as a 3rd line minutes in the past 7 years
-Last time Horcoff played less than 1st line minutes(03-04) the team missed the playoffs.
-As a leader of the Oilers the team has won jack ****.

-Can't find any facts here because I don't know the last time Horcoff actually played a 3rd line role.

-Vancouver has won with various 3rd line centers
-None of those centers costed them 5.5million a season

Going back to your earlier comment of buying him out the next off-season, is that still going to be a possibility and be a free buyout and not have the cap hit spread out over twice the length of the remaining contract?

If the answer is no well then it's that simple they need to cut the dead weight and use the get out of jail free card when they can. Whether they have a realistic repalcement next off-season or not. You can't tell me it's impossible to find a serviceable 3rd line center replacement via the FA market or cheap via a trade.
How does Shawn Horcoffs Cap hit have anything to do with his ability to fill a 3rd line roll? The FACT is that it doesn't at all. He is the same hockey player whether he makes $5.5M or $3.5M.

I am only stating my opinion. I think that given a 3rd line roll Horcoff can be good enough for this team to win. I'm not saying they will win, I'm saying that given everyone else pulls their weight, Horcoff won't drag this team down in a 3rd line roll.

You argue that he has never played 3rd line minutes, which is true. But it doesn't really mean anything to the argument at hand. If anything it says that Horcoff has been in over his head for the last 4 years, ie after his shoulder surgery, and needs a diminished roll to be successful. Something that a 3rd line roll should do for him.

Yes the new CBA offers 2 compliance buyouts available to be used either this summer or next. That is what this thread is all about. They can buy him out in the summer of 2014 and not have to take any cap hit. And hey if they can get a good 3rd line center for next season then by all means buy out horcoff this summer. I would welcome that with open arms, but in the mean time I believe Horcoff will do just fine in a 3rd line roll.

I'm not sure you can really fault management for not doing this sooner because it was near impossible to get rid of Horcoff until compliance buyouts and cap/salary trading was available. They were pretty much stuck with him and up until last season he has been their best option for a #1 Center.

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