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01-09-2013, 07:43 PM
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I'm so sick of reading about his "ELC", this thread should just be locked until TC. I think I read one guy say he hoped Galchenyuk didn't do well during camp, so as to not waste a year on his ELC. Seriously??!! WTF guys... we're supposed to know more about hockey than the average person!! Step it up!

If he's good enough to play this year, then a year on his ELC will not be wasted, it will be used, exactly like it should be. If he can't hack it, or you're on the fence about it, he goes back down. Simple.

If him staying up this year causes a "major impact on the salary cap" later on, then that is a beautiful problem to have! You worry about it then, not now. If our GM doesn't know how to properly handle this, then you fire his ass.

Oh and his first step does not "need significant work". Where are you guys getting this stuff from? Sure, he could work on it, but it's not like he's slow in any way!

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