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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
I'm hoping last year was an experiment as much as anything, where the season was largely written off and so he was seeing what players were capable of, not necessarily using them in the optimal fashion. After a year, hopefully he has a workable system with the people he has. The defense should certainly be different with the additions that were made.

Agreed about Hiller being the biggest difference last year. He should also have a VERY motivated team to work with.
That's how I'm leaning too, or at least what I hope. It just bothered me seeing how poorly handled some players were. I really enjoyed seeing the players get excited again, and I can't stress enough how important I think that is(and something I think was seriously lacking under Carlyle), but man it was a bit frustrating at times. I'm no expert, but it was very apparent that a couple of key players were not being used properly, and these were important players too. From the standpoint of trying to win hockey games, I don't think it made sense... of course, like you said, by that point the season was pretty much a bust, so it's possible it was just for experimental purposes. It's just, that also means we still have yet to see exactly what Boudreau is going to do, and that makes me antsy. I'd be more comfortable if I knew Boudreau saw what he had, and how to use it. I hate being in the dark.

He should indeed, and I think Hiller will have a strong season himself. That's a big reason I think Anaheim could fight for a playoff spot. I don't think they'll go anywhere in the playoffs(I don't think they have the right team for that) but I think they can compete.

Edit: Also, when talking about the experimental part, at least in regards to Fowler, Boudreau might have wanted him to focus primarily on one area(namely defense) to really prepare for a bigger role the following season. Despite what his stats say, and what others might think, I felt like Fowler took big strides in the defensive zone. He really showed a committment, and that solid D play carried over into the World Championships where he was one of the US's best defensive guys. Now, I don't understand that approach on the PP, but at even strength I would praise Boudreau for that decision, if that is the case. If Fowler can find a way to be that guy defensively, and be the confident offensive puck distributor we saw in the 1st season, I think he could put together a pretty damn good two-way game for Anaheim.

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