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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I understand. Burke is not a builder. He's a finisher. Mind you, that sedin draft was excellent on his part, no denying that.

But, we were better when we weren't 'big and tough'. It's about getting good players. I take gionta's small stature and work ethic over bourque's big size and lacklustre play.

There's no denying the habs needed a better balance but I still don't see the vision. Anyone can sign or trade for bigger players. It's about building a team and I don't see him a builder either.

Gauthier acquired an elite #1 C? K, this isn't an accomplishment. It's like me saying Oilers acquired 3-4 franchise forwards. WOW. Nah, they sucked and got them. There's a difference, so lets be objective. I'm sure if Gainey sucked and got #3 overall we could have Toews or something too, so it's not really rocket science.

Also, Gauthier did not acquire 30+ goal scorer pacioretty. Pacioretty was drafted under Gainey and he was NOT a top 3 pick. Cole however was no doubt an excellent signing, we were desperately missing that sort of player.

For the most part, I don't consider Gauthier a terrible person or someone who does not know hockey. I don't consider him a good GM. He may be good at a variety of roles but his GM experience leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe we will feel the same way about bergevin in due time, we'll see.
We weren't better when we were represented by the Mighty Mites, our young talent was getting hammered and Pacioretty almost had his career ended. Riddled by injury and a laughing stock is not "better". Gomes, Gionta and Cammalleri are soon to be a distant awful memory and the sooner the better. For year our own players asked for help from Gainey in acquiring some toughness and it fell on senile ears, Gauthier turned that around.

Gauthier made hockey decisions that lead them directly to Galchenyuk, replacing your coach mid season with someone who has never been a head coach and a top line goal scoring winger for picks/prospects is as subtle as a hammer to the face. You can stick your head in the sand all you like and plead ignorance but I will acknowledge the plan.

Pacioretty and Desharnais success are both a direct result of acquiring Cole at a time when they needed the veteran leadership and mentoring he provided. This is also painfully obvious but completely ignored by most.

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