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01-09-2013, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
We all know Horcoff is overpaid. Its not going to change so why bring it up? His cap hit isn't hurting this team as it is today so its a non issue. Until the Oilers get close to the cap Horcoffs contract is pretty much irrelevant to his contributions to this team.

The Oilers have $7,266,667 in free cap space. What is stopping them from getting 2 $3mil or 3 $2mil players? Not horcoffs cap hit. I'm not arguing that Horcoff is the be all end all of 3rd line centers. I know there are probably better options out there, but in the mean time we are stuck with him and I think he can fill that 3rd line role just fine.
It's less about the effect on the Oiler's cap, and more about the fact that having him around effectively blocks the team from looking for more effective players that would improve the team.

It isn't really that different from the Khabibulin situation. He isn't good enough for the number one job anymore and hasn't been for the majority of his contract, but because the optics of that contract sitting on the bench looks bad on management, he gets pushed into roles he isn't capable of fufilling anymore. Add into that mess the fact organization leaves a better player on the bench and refuse to look at replacements, it all adds up to losses in the standings.

If the Oilers plan to sacrifice the next few years as more rebuilding years, that is one thing - but if the goal is to actually start winning games then the Oilers need some real upgrades in the supporting cast. An ineffective 5.5 million dollar a year player they feel compelled to play 20 minutes a night because they generally care more about optics than results, is and always will be a major roadblock to that goal until he is removed from the equation.

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