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New hockey player needing fitness / skills development / food advice

hey all,

So ive started playing ice hockey and ive been thinking about how i can best give myself to become at least an average player. i see 3 obstacles in my way:
- General Fitness
- Skills development
- Nutrition

- General Fitness
my biggest factor to improving is my general fitness.

This is by far the hardest sport from a fitness perspective that i have ever played. Jumping over the boards, i have about 40 seconds of hard skating in me for my first shift, 30 in my second, then about 15-20 for each shift after that for the rest of the night. After which i get to the bench each time absolutely blowing up from the effort. It really is the hardest thing ive encountered from a physical perspective.

I want to get to a stage where i can skate hard for the whole game. This will obviously come through doing a lot more skating, potentially going just for public skate sessions in addition to my drop in hockey games that ive started playing, just to get my technique and legs stronger.

But what i want help with is how to compliment the on-ice playing/skating, with what i can do outside to assist. Ill be honest, im pretty lazy and if i was to try and 'over-commit' to a healthy plan, it would backfire and i would splurge and ruin any hard work done.

Im going to have my weekends where i eat a lot of takeaway and drink a lot of beer, and im not SO worried about that, its more about giving myself a bit of a plan to try and stick to, knowing that its generally helping my hockey and hopefully helping me lose a few KG around the waist.

Im trying to play 1 hockey game a week. If i can suppliment that with another skating session, fantastic, but its 20 bux a pop and sometimes i just dont have time. What i have done though, is buy some runners and have started doing the occasional 3km 'jog' which takes me about 18-19 minutes. I did one 2 days ago and for the first time, tried to do it more interval like, rather than just a slow steady 3km jog. I ran reasonably hard for the first 2 minutes, then walked for 2, then jogged hard again for a minute, then rested for 2, then hard for 1, rest for 3 and pretty much kept that up over the 3km and came in about the same time as i do for the slow jog way.

Hockey as you all know is a lot about 40-50 seconds bursts of high effort, followed by sitting on the bench for a couple minutes getting your wind back. I am hoping someone would be able to give me some tips how to perhaps shape my week so that im actively IMPROVING my fitness for what is required for hockey, but not so much that i cringe at it and just dismiss it and dont do anything.

Im thinking if i can do the following each week, it will gradually improve my fitness level without being so much that i baulk at it and fail too often:
- 1 game per week
- 1 jog or internal running? (would like some help describing the best way to do this)
- 1 more jog/interval run OR skate session depending on what i can fit in.

How does that look? can someone give some assistance in describing what kind of running would best help me gain a bit of endurance with my lungs/breathing whilst still helping me for hockey fitness?

- Nutrition
the second part is obviously diet, of which now is the New Year and i want to make a conscious effort to 'improve' my thought processes around food to help me lose a bit of weight in the mid section but not leave me HUNGRY ALL DAY. seriously, im hungry like 99% of the time im awake....i dont know how to address this problem....

- Skills Development
i live in Melbourne, Australia and we have 1 quality rink here and its not the easiest to get ice-time for skills development. we have drop in games which ive started doing, and there are 'stick n puck' sessions where you can just go with your stick and puck and do whatever you want on the ice.
Im looking for some direction in how i can work on my skills by myself or with my friend. Some websites perhaps, some good little skills to do, anything that will help me as i move towards joining a team in the future. Im starting very late at 29 but who cares, i love hockey and always have and now im excited that ive started playing it and i just want to get better in a fun way but with a bit of direction and assistance so i know im on the right track.

THANKYOU SO MUCH if anyone can help me!

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