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01-09-2013, 09:01 PM
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Just to wrap up the OT discussion above:

(Okay, first of all, if you hate basketball, you're immediately disqualified - I mean, c'mon now. ) However, for the others of you, you're born & bred Brooklynites who've lived in Brooklyn most of your lives in Brooklyn and you feel no pride or grudging sense of pleasure in Brooklyn having its first professional team since 1957?

Then, yes - you guys are all the first I've met who feel that way. From all my friends who are Knicks fans, I have of course received no end of emails and Facebook comments to the effect of "Traitor!" and "Bandwagon jumper!" - but they all come with a "(but I have to admit I considered it)" or a "(but I understand why you did it)" or at the very least a "(but it is kind of cool to have a Brooklyn team)".

As to the Islanders - no, I won't become an Islanders fan. 1) Dolan hasn't ****ed with the Rangers for the last 15 years the way he ****ed with the Knick, 2) they will still be the NY Islanders, not the "Brooklyn [_______]s", and 3) I've hated the Islanders for about 30 years, whereas I never had strong feelings about the Nets before they came to Brooklyn.

Back on topic:

Sad to hear the opener won't be a home game, but it'll be a great matchup - potentially a preview of the ECF.

When the Garden renovations are finally complete do we think there is a chance the Rangers will once again open with a home game? Or are there other events (like the circus) that prevent it?

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