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Originally Posted by tijuana knuckles View Post
LOVED the first season way back when. Didn't watch the second season. I think I started but it was not done near as good.

The first season was hysterical.
Joe Schmo was repeatedly set up into ridiculous situations and outcomes.
They had that one guy nobody could stand. He got kicked off the show to everyone's relief but was brought back on a technicality when he threatens to sue the show. It was all a set up.

It is really a farce of the reality TV shows
Man, was this an awesome show back in 03 and 04. Can't wait to watch these new episodes... I have them PVR'd right now.

Gotta disagree with you on season 2. I think they did a better job. When Ingrid figured it out and they incorporated Amanda in her place with Ingrid in on the joke, was just gold. And the outrageous stuff they did... like when they were all chained to T.J. and he was supposedly in the bathroom having explosive diarrhea, pouring cans of soup into the toilet and spraying fart gas! Or "Porked in Beans"... or when they got Austin and Piper's supposed parents involved... or when they got Tim and Amanda's into costume to portray their relatives in an attempt to learn more about Austin and Piper...

Plus, season 2 had by far the best looking gal on the show... Jessica Makinson. When she was all dressed up for her eviction ceremony (the only time she was really dressed up and not portrayed as "plain"), I swear, most naturally beautiful woman ever!

except my wife of course.

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