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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
Maybe minus a year but a deal that benefits no one doesnt fail to make all sense. Both sides get a bit.

I just have this image in my mind seeing a tweet like that. I have a feeling it won't be a short term deal. The $$ in a short term deal (+/- $500,000 a year max) is not weighted enough to stall this negotiation until after the summer and into this
If it's a 5 year deal, he'd be giving up 3 arbitration years and 1 year of free agency. There's no way he'd sign for 2.2 per year on a 5 year deal. None. And I seriously doubt Sather is going to commit to him that long term, especially with other players needing to get paid next year. He's going to want to keep the cap hit low. His MO is 2 year deals for the 2nd contract. Very few players have gotten longer deals.

4 years wouldn't work because no GM wants to have a player's contract run out the same year he becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency. The contracts always end either before (so they are still an RFA) or at some point after.

3 years is a possibility, but 2 years is the most likely scenario. The more years they add on, the higher the cap hit will be. That's the way it works, because of the years the player is giving up (years where his negotiating power is stronger than it is now).

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